EMC Laboratory

Baltic Scientific Instruments offers EMC Laboratory with experienced EMC engineers with particular expertise in hardware design, filtering applications, signal analysis, standards interpretation, and data acquisition.
Accredited test and measurements:
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
• Radiated emissions
• Conducted emissions
• Harmonics
• Flicker
• Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
• Voltage Drops, Dips, Burst and Surge
• Thermal stability
• Electromagnetic Immunity – electric field
• Electromagnetic Immunity – magnetic field
• Voltage Isolation
Every EMC project has a designated lead EMC engineer, who is responsible for the entire project, from initial set-up to delivery of the final report. Should deficiencies be discovered during the testing process, the project engineer will immediately notify you to discuss practical and cost effective solutions. By working with you, we can effectively reduce the overall time of the testing project.
The Laboratory is Nemko authorized partner in Baltic states from December, 2008. Nemko’s laboratory authorization program is established with the purpose of allowing test results from competent external laboratories to be used as basis for Nemko’s N-mark certification, attestation for CE-marking etc.
EMC & Electrical testing available in the accredited Laboratory:
• RF Radiated Emissions
• RF Radiated Immunity
• RF Conducted Emissions
• RF Conducted Immunity
• Conducted Transient Emissions
• Conducted Transient Immunity
• Coupled Transient Immunity (Direct Capacitor Coupling)
• Magnetic Field Emissions (MFE)
• Magnetic Field Immunity
• Electrostatic Discharge (ESD up to 15 KV)
• Electrical Overstress
EMC related services:
• Design early stage EMC analysis support
• Prototype precompliance
• Design & production compliance
• Proficiency testing and OEM test methods trends analysis support
• EMC & Electrical test plan development & review
• EMC compliant DUT exerciser HW/SW development
• Test report review and results mitigation

IECEE INDA-DB-12M Subscription
Project IEC 61076-2-109 Ed. 1.0
Project IEC 62714-1 Ed. 1.0
Project IEC 62841-2-4 Ed. 1.0
Project IEC 62841-2-5 Ed. 1.0
Project IEC 60947-4-3 Ed. 2.0
Project IEC 62841-3-6 Ed. 1.0
IEC 61966-2-1 Ed. 1.0
IEC 60335-1-am1 Ed. 5.0
IEC 61158-4-7 Ed. 1.0
Industries to serve
• Telecommunications
• Radio equipment
• IT and Audio/Video
• Light and LED
• Components Plugs and Sockets
• Medical
• Military
• Marine equipment
• Household Appliances
For additional information, please contact us: sales@bsi.lv