Except for developing and manufacturing of Spectroscopy systems, Baltic Scientific Instruments is also offering service and repair of HPGe, SiLi and CZT detection units and electronics produced by BSI and other manufacturers.

We offer service and repair of HPGe detectors and particularly:

  • Vacuum restoration,
  • Repair and replacement of preamplifier,
  • Replacement of damaged cryostats, end caps and other parts. Radioactive-pure materials like Aluminum, Copper, etc. are available. Ultra low-background materials are also possible to use.
  • Replacement of broken input window made of Aluminum, Beryllium, Carbon fiber and Polyimide,
  • Old Germanium detector transfer into a new cryostat,
  • Recovery of detector parameters,

We do not charge for inspection and we provide 1-year warranty for our services.

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