BSI’s legacy as the leading radiation detection and analysis instrument developer for the former Soviet Union from 1966 includes a broad array of specialized instruments to meet the needs of the atomic energy industry, scientific research, space, mining, environmental monitoring and other applications.  These instruments have been upgraded to include the latest technological advances and to meet standards applicable in the markets that we serve.

BSI continues in the forefront of developing precision instruments to meet the needs of our customers.  Our flexible Customer-driven product design and application engineering approach is oriented to help our customers to better understand the technical problems that they face and how BSI instruments and services fit within solutions to those problems.

The core product technology offered by BSI is high purity germanium (HPGe) crystal detectors which are considered the ”gold standard” in gamma and X-ray spectroscopy.  BSI produces gamma- and X-ray spectrometers based on HPGe coaxial or planar detectors with liquid nitrogen, Peltier or Stirling cycle cooling.