CdZnTe/CdTe Detectors and Associated Electronics

CdZnTe (CZT) is a semiconductor that can operate at room temperature which enables creation of X- and gamma-ray detectors with comparably high energy resolution and high count rate capability without cooling. The performance of the CdZnTe detectors makes them suitable for application in the nuclear industry, medical, various security applications, and, many other industrial and laboratory applications.

BSI develops and fabricates detectors based on CdZnTe/CdTe and produces electronics used by the detectors based on general electronic components and ASICs.

BSI is highly flexible. We provide engineering design services and fabrication of small and medium production volumes of custom devices.

Baltic Scientific Instruments will develop and manufacture detectors to meet unique needs of customers.

All detectors & spectrometers are equipped with Nuclear Electronics and Software. Please follow links to know more.