AirTrack Aerosol Monitoring Station with high performance scintillation detector assembly and automatic filter changer


AirTrack-Sr system display will allow to control and monitor the following parameters:
  • Programmed Parameters:
    • Flow-rate (m3/h)
    • Sampling time (d, h, min, s)
    • Data period (min) 
    • Measuring time (h, min, s)
  • Actual values:
    • Flow-rate (m3/h)
    • Filter (actual filter number)
    • Measurement (actual measurement number)
    • Step (actual step number)
    • Sampled volume (m3)
    • Δ pressure (mBar - pressure drop through the filter)
    • Air inlet temperature (°C )
    • Measuring time (h, min, s)
    • Sampling time (d, h, min, s)
  • Status Information:
    • Data file: name of current data file
    • Spectrum file: name of current spectrum file
    • Status: description/code of equipment status
    • Failure: description/code of failure, if any
  •  Measurement data
    • α artificial concentration (Bq/m3) +/- statistical uncertainty
    • β artificial concentration (Bq/m3) +/- statistical uncertainty
    • α alert threshold (Bq/m3)
    • α alarm threshold (Bq/m3)
    • visual alert and/or alarm for a  thresholds
    • β alert threshold (Bq/m3)
    • β alarm threshold (Bq/m3)
    • visual alert and/or alarm for b thresholds
    • α Total (Bq) ± statistical uncertainty
    • β Total (Bq) ± statistical uncertainty
    • Radon concentration (Bq/m3) ± statistical uncertainty
    • Thoron concentration (Bq/m3) ± statistical uncertainty
    • ROI gamma concentration (Bq/m3) +/- statistical uncertainty (10 ROI)
    • ROI gamma activity on filter (Bq) ± statistical uncertainty (10 ROI)
    • Full gamma spectra (4k)
  • Data format ANSI 42.42 or optionally other formats upon request


Main operational functions:
  • Filter control (including Δp and air inlet temperature) and filters changing
  • Flow-rate control and measurement
  • Live spectrum acquisition
  • On-line Spectra analysis and readout
  • Gamma background compensation
  • Evaluation of activities on filter and concentrations in air
  • System parameters set-up
  • Two programmable thresholds (alert and alarm) for radiological events on each measurement chain (Alpha, Beta and Gamma emitters)
  • Intrinsic automatic control of system operation, machine failure alarm messages in case of equipment operational failure (i.e. mechanics or pneumatics failures)
  • Built in test procedures
  • Data communication
Setup parameters:
  • Station identifier: identifier of the station
  • Sampling Flow Rate: sampling flow-rate (X.XX m3/h)
  • Sampling Time: total sampling time (ST) for each filter (in hours and minutes)
  • Data period: data files issuing period
  • Alpha Alert Threshold: alert trip point for alpha concentration  
  • Beta Alert Threshold: alert trip point for beta concentration    
  • Alpha Alarm Threshold: alarm trip point for alpha concentration
  • Beta Alarm Threshold: alarm trip point for beta concentration             
  • Gamma ROI Alert Thr.: ten ROI independent trip point set-up
  • Gamma ROI Alarm Thr.: ten ROI independent trip point set-up
  • Flow Alarm Threshold: flow-rate trip point for ‘low flow’ alarm (X.XX m3/h).
  • Flow Filter Threshold: flow-rate trip point for filter change (X.XX m3/h).
  • MCAs set-up: coarse gain, fine gain, shaping, threshold, HV
  • Network: IP address, firewall, time synchronization


AirTrack-Sr is the State of the Art among Aerosols Monitors, in terms of advanced design solutions and performances of the Alpha/Beta and Gamma spectrometric measurement chains. 

It is a budget friendly alternative to its higher performance version AirTrack-Ge equipped with electrically cooled HPGe detector. 

Thanks to the superior characteristics of its detector, the Gamma MCA is set-up for 4k channels, twice the number of channels normally usable with less performing scintillation detectors. 

The innovative unique use of a SrI2(Eu) crystal with its very low intrinsic background and very high photonic yield makes possible at a reasonable cost the implementation of an industrial grade equipment with laboratory grade analytical performances on-line.


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