SpectraLineGIS software package


SpectraLineGIS software package is intended for radiation monitoring of territories with gamma-spectrometers and dosimetry sensors, for determination of the radionuclides present, and for mapping results to contamination maps of the territories. The contamination maps can be created using the software: the functions of collecting, analyzing and storing of the gridded pollution information are supported. The user can emulate the pollution from certain activities using the spectra database and identify the source location on the basis of the spectrum supported by SpectraLine.


The Integrated Geographic Information System (GIS) is developed on the basis of DataGIS components and provides the following functionality:
  • Creation of maps by importing from MIF and MP formats using a specific application
  • Displaying and visualization of the selected thematic map layers
  • Varying the map scaling
  • Searching for objects on the map
  • Display of contamination data according to the color settings and thresholds


SpectraLineGIS software package has been developed for radiation, chemical, radiological monitoring and for the creation of contamination maps.

Readings are taken from the detector as a snapshot or in the real-time mode with the time interval specified in the settings. In both cases the measured values are displayed on the map and on the graph and stored in the database along with the coordinates. The dose ranges are colored depending on the categorization requirements.

Sources Searching
The location of the radiation source is determined on the basis of the measured dose distribution. Then the source can be identified.

Spectra Processing
The activity is calculated using the determined distance between the spectrum acquisition point and the radiation source. Single spectrum and the spectra sum can be processed.

The spectra saved in SpectraLine database are used as radiation and background sources. The software provides:

  • The connection of any spectrometer via configuration interface
  • Spectra acquisition and processing using SpectraLine
  • Spectra transferring to SpectraLine for the precision processing