Calibration software MCC-MT Monte Carlo simulations


  • Monte Carlo simulation spectra of gamma, beta and alpha radiation
  • Calibration of instruments used for ionizing radiation detection and measurements
  • Calculation of detection limits and minimum detectable activity of radionuclides
  • Determination of a characteristics of a registration system for inaccessible radioactive sources
  • Reduction of experimental investigations with using the hazardous ionizing radiation for human health
  • Obtaining clear picture of the internal processes of radiation transfer in order to optimize the design of the measuring devices and their protection
  • Comparative demonstration of the different systems of protection against ionizing radiation and its detection systems
  • Training of personnel in working with ionizing radiation detection systems without using of an expensive equipment and radioactive sources
  • Training of specialists in the field of measurement and protection from ionizing radiation
  • Acceleration, simplification and reduction in the cost of design and optimization of ionizing radiation detection systems
  • Characterization detectors and detection systems


  • High accuracy of calculations
  • Simplicity of using for a wide range of tasks
  • Detailed 3D-scene based on Open GL graphics technology providing maximum representation and visibility of modeling
  • Availability of replenished database of sources and materials
  • Possibility of creating the maximally complex measuring systems
  • Forming multidetector systems and schemes of coincidence
  • Display of the results in the form of an ideal and real spectrum
  • Tracing and drawing trajectories of particles during calculation process
  • Availability of the ready and test projects in the distributive package (HPGe, scintillation detectors, protective lead shielding, volumetric sources and samples, etc.)
  • Accounting cascade summation ('Full cascade' source type)
  • Using of the specified number of computer processors in order to implement multithreading and speed up the calculation
  • Automatic creation of efficiency curves
  • Network version for 2 and more PC is available


Software package MCC-MT (Monte Carlo Calculation Multi Thread) is intended for 3D-modelling of physical experiments and calculation of radiation detectors response functions using Monte Carlo simulation method. Software MCC-MT based on multi-threading technology providing significant increasing the rate of simulation and getting fast result as spectrum.


Energy range1 keV - 10 МeV
Particlesphotons, electrons (positrons), heavy charged particles
Figurescylinder, cone, parallelepiped, torus, sphere, shear shape, rotation figure, polygon, disk.
Types of spectralinear, beta - continuous, continuous, full cascade.
Projects viewscontour, grid, fill with color, section, fill + grid, section + fill with color.
Types of source geometriespoint, volumetric