Alpha analysis software AlphaPRO


The software is intended to control the alpha spectrometer Amber and analyze the alpha spectra acquired using SIID alpha detectors.


  • supported Amber models: Amber-2, 4, 8, 12.
  • visualization of spectra and spectrum acquisition progress;
  • peak search and fit by Gaussian;
  • identification of radionuclides;
  • Energy, FWHM and peak shape calibration;
  • calculation of efficiency curves and sensitivities;
  • calculation of activity by peak method;
  • сalculation of activity by matrix (ROI) method;
  • calculation of MDA according ISO 11929;
  • simple and easy to use report editor;
  • library of radionuclides and library editor;
  • mathematical operations (sum, subtraction, normalization etc);
  • batch spectra processing;
  • simple and easy to use report editor;
  • library of radionuclides and library editor;
  • quality assurance control;
  • database MS Access which provides transfer and storage of measurement results in a database;
  • log which provides automatic registration and storage of measurement and quality assurance results;
  • support for the main spectrum formats: SPE, N42, CNF, CHN, SPC, ASW, TXT etc.
Additional features:
  • Scenario module - The module allows you to automate the process of working with the program by creating custom scripts in the form of a set of commands.


The program AlphaPRO is the continuation of the program GammaPRO with some limitations, but focuses on the tasks of alpha spectrometry. AlphaPRO employs different algorithms for determining activity in samples (ROI-method with overdetermined matrix, individual peaks analysis method, superposition method). For the analysis of high resolution spectra (spectra received on semiconductor spectrometers) there separate tools (search peaks, Gaussian approximation, identification, plotting efficiency curves, etc.).