AirTrack-Mobile Quick Deployment Unit


Main functions:
  • On-line alpha/beta spectrum acquisition and readout
  • Gamma background measurement/compensation
  • Evaluation of artificial concentrations in air
  • Evaluation of total collected activities
  • System parameters set-up
  • Management of alert/alarm thresholds and trips
  • Flow-rate measurement
  • Measurement of pressure drop through the filter
  • Inlet air temperature measurement
  • Flow thresholds management
  • Management/detection of failures
  • Test and calibration operation
  • Data output and readout
  • Data storage and communication (LAN, LTE modem)
  • PM10 sampling head for outdoor operation 
Available data:
  • Air flow rate [m3/h]
  • Normalized flow rate (T=25°C)
  • Sampled air volume [m3]
  • Normalized volume
  • Pressure drop through the filter [mbar]
  • Air temperature [°C]
  • Artificial Beta concentration in air - [Bq/m3 with uncertainty]
  • Artificial Alpha concentration in air - [Bq/m3 with uncertainty]
  • Radon concentration in air - [Bq/m3 with uncertainty]
  • Thoron concentration in air - [Bq/m3 with uncertainty]
  • Total Beta activity on filter - [Bq]
  • Total Alpha activity on filter - [Bq]
  • Gamma Dose-rate [μSv/h] (Optional)


AirTrack-Mobile, is a transportable Monitoring Station made of two sub-units, installed on a trolley for easy transport and operability. The QDU is made of two Modules, an Alpha/Beta Continuous Aerosol Monitor with an optional a wide-range Gamma dose rate monitor, and a Meteorological Station. A compact collapsible mast for weather sensors mounting (3mt when deployed) and integrated LTE/3G data modem completes the QDU assembly.

The basic QDU includes only the Aerosols Monitor unit, the other modules that are part of the QDU may be added optionally, depending upon additional needs of the Client.


Measurement ranges- Alpha and Beta natural emitters, 10-1 to 105 Bq/m3
- Alpha long lived emitters, 10-2 to 105 Bq/m3
- Beta long lived emitters, 10-1 to 105 Bq/m3
- Alpha energy range, >2.7 MeV (to over 9 MeV)
- Beta energy range, >80 keV (to over 2.5 MeV)
Alarms- Programmable thresholds for alpha and beta concentration alert/ alarm
- Visual indicators
Detectors- SIID Silicon Ion Implanted Detector- Active Area: 600mm2
- Active gamma background compensation through additional dedicated SIID detector
Air flow-rate 2 to 4 m3/h, suggested 3m3/h
Flow measurement/ resolution ±1% typical
Delta P / Flow limits High and low programmable
Filter- Tape Cassette, SPECLON PTFE roll 60mm wide, for better Alpha peaks resolution
- At least 90 days autonomy