MCA for scintillation detector MCABase


  • Up to 4k channel resolution
  • Various PMT socket variants upon request
  • Very low power consumption of 0.4W
  • Data acquisition done with 14bit ADC @10MS/S
  • Bias supply 0V to 1000V, software controlled
  • Throughput >100.000 cps
  • Power over Ethernet, USB or wall adapter (depends on version)
  • Fixed cable versions upon request available
  • Ethernet, USB or RS485 computer interface versions
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Solid eloxed aluminum housing


Together with a detector, the MCABase are complete spectrometer with integrated bias supply and preamplifier for PMT based detectors. It may be used for gamma-ray spectroscopy applications with NaI, CeBr, LaBr, SrI2 or similar scintillation detectors.
The MCABase modules are suitable for detectors with 14-pin (standard version) or 12-pin photomultiplier tubes like the Hamamatsu R6231, R1306 (Jedec B14) or R9420, 9102B, XP2060B (Jedec B12). 


Number of maximal channels4096
Throughput into memory (input rate 150kcps, 0.2µs shaping time)> 100.000cps
Operation ModesPHA, MCS, Sample Mode, Oscilloscope Mode, Firmware Repeat Mode
Differential non-linearity<1% (for 2k, @ 1µs shaping time)
Shaping Time0.1µs to 2µs, step 0.1µs
Flat Top Time0µs to 15µs, step 0.1µs
Fine Gain Adjustment0.5 to 6.5, step 0.0001
Base Line RestorerBLR with fixed averaging
Pole Zero AdjustmentDecay time down to 40µs can be compensated
Peak Stabilization Modesstandard mode
Power supplyvia USB PC-Port, ≤500mA
Power consumption (running, without detector, HV off)0.4W
Operation Temperature Range0°C – 50°C
Humidity≤90%, non-condensing