HS-RAM Radiation Monitor


Detection of particles. Gamma detection.Each detector has its own HV source and electronics in order to separate the performance of each detector. This allows to disconnect a detector if malfunctioning is detected, keeping the rest of the equipment 100% functional. This is one of our competitive advantages that outstands over the competitors.


  • 8 plastic scintillation detectors 50x50x5 cm each one
  • AMD (Detectable Minimum Activity) per detector less than 1 Bq * cm² in contact
  • Effciency per detector> 30% (Co-60),> 15% (Cs-137), > 6% (Ba-133)
  • 20mm thick lead shield (adjustable depending on the existing background).
  • 2 touch screens TFT-Color 8 “of information and control
  • 3 operation modes (free passage, stop and measure automatic, stop and measure requested)
  • Dynamic automatic calculation of measurement duration.
  • Sensors for automatic detection of people
  • Bidirectional operation
  • Record of events, funds, measures, alarms, failures of operation, etc.
  • Digital parameter adjustment. (without potentiometers or mechanical actuators)
  • Integrated industrial PC (without maintenance) with Windows 7 /10 operating system.
  • Includes calibration routines, verifcation and confguration (alarms, levels, gain, etc).
  • It has two standard USB ports for data and historical dump in any support.
  • Customizable software in all its functions and languages. Allows its remote operation (TCP / IP)
  • External USB (memory stick, disk, etc.), as well as signal output for remote indicators of alarm.
  • All software and documentation in English, Spanish or Russian.
  • Includes tools and tools for transportation and positioning.
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power System) optional, ByPass type, pure sine wave, 1000va.
  • Optimized design to facilitate maintenance.
  • Fully adaptable according to each user’s needs.
  • Entirely designed and manufactured in EU (100% guarantee of spare parts and maintenance)
  • External dimensions of the equipment: 230cm x 99cm x 79cm (HxWxD).
  • Inner dimensions of the measuring chamber: 200cm x 60cm x 76cm (HxWxD).
  • Weight (including 20 mm of Lead shielding): 1.500 kg approx.
  • Supply voltage: 230vac 50 Hz (can be adjusted depending on the end user requirements)


Radiation Monitor HS-RAM has 8 large-area plastic scintillation detectors distributed over walls, floor and ceiling, creating 8 sensitive areas (1 foot, 2 legs, 4 torso and 1 head) that work autonomously and independently, allowing simultaneous measurements with different levels of alarm.
Its management is fully automated. The equipment has sensors that detect when a person enters the portal, interrupting the background reading and automatically initiating a thorough examination of the person.
While it is not being used, the equipment is continuously updating the background level information in order to compensate the values obtained when a real measurement is performed.
It has screens, lights and acoustic indicators that warn the user of the presence of radioactive particles in case of contamination, or of signifcant variations in the fund’s activity rate where it is located.
It is made of aluminum and steel painted for an easy cleaning and decontamination.

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