AirTrack-i Iodine Monitoring Station with automatic cartridge changer and on-line spectrometric analysis


The Aerosol Monitoring Station, tailored for gamma radiation monitoring in the air, is a specialized tool designed for in-depth analysis of airborne iodine. Utilizing the advantages of a scintillation detector, specifically SrI, and employing unique filters crafted for iodine analysis, this autonomous system ensures unparalleled accuracy. Ideal for situations requiring precise detection, such as nuclear incidents, the station stands as a reliable guardian, providing real-time data for swift response and safeguarding against potential threats associated with airborne iodine.


  • acquiring gamma spectra in real-time;
  • measuring the activity of I-131 on the filter [Bq] and calculating the concentration of I-131 in the air [Bq/m3];
  • automatic filter replacement depending on its contamination degree, integrity damage, or after the expiration of the specified measurement time;
  • automatic control of filter condition, including measurement of differences in the air pressure Δp at the inlet and outlet of the filter;
  • measurement of the flow rate of the incoming air;
  • ambient air temperature measurement;
  • two programmable thresholds (notification and alarm) for radiological events;
  • audio and color alarm signals about operation modes and exceeding threshold values;
  • data transfer via LAN, USB and 4G interfaces in the ANSI 42.42/EURDEP format to the end-user;
  • control of all AirTrack operations from a remote computer.
  • automatic stabilization of the energy scale of gamma radiation spectrometric channel is implemented using a K-40 built-in source (for scintillator);
  • TEDA (triethylene di-amine) impregnated Carbon filter cartridge with a high affinity for the adsorption, chelation and retention of the various species of Iodine;
  • gamma spectrometric chain made of scintillation detector SrI2(Eu) high resolution and digital 4K MCA;
  • update period of the I-131 concentration information is 1 minute;
  • touch screen user interface, easy to learn and intuitive operation;
  • full load of filter cartridge provides up to three months of autonomous operation;
  • automatic control of the operations, emergency messages about equipment faults in case of operation failure and built-in testing procedures.


AirTrack-I is the state-of-the-art among Iodine monitors in terms of advanced design solutions for automatic gamma spectrometric measurements and cartridges changer mechanics.

The innovative unique use of a SrI2(Eu) scintillation crystal with high energy resolution and low intrinsic background ensures maximum reliability in the identification of radioactive iodine and reduces the detection limit of its concentration.

It shares the same functional and mechanical design of the AirTrack-Sr Aerosols Monitoring station. Both monitors are constructed on a modular principle and have interchangeable parts, but AirTrack-I uses special charcoal filters. This charcoal material is selective, it will not trap other gases, and therefore the sample will be enriched with only I-131. When it is impregnated with some chemicals, the activated charcoal can effectively adsorb both organic and elemental iodine.


Detector typeSrI2(Eu)
(LaBr3(Ce), CeBr3 or NaI(Tl) optionally)
Gamma energy rangefrom 30 keV to 3 MeV
Energy resolution at the 662 keV line3.2% (for SrI2(Eu) 38.1×38.1 mm)
Measurement range of I-131 volumetric activity from 10^-1 to 105 Bq/m3
Nominal flow rateadjustable, from 3 to 10 m3/h
Flow regulation accuracy2% max.
Noise level (ISO 2151)not more than 62 dB(A)
Performance characteristics
Power supply230 V / 50 Hz
Operating temperature range+5°C … +40°C


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