Whole body counter WBC HPGe detector based


  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis using high-resolution HPGe detectors
  • Adjustable to measure any part of the body
  • Comfortable for the examined person
  • Available with one or multiple HPGe detectors
  • Option: available with scintillation detectors like NaI, LaBr, SrI, etc.
  • Simple and intuitive software interface
  • Automatic filling station for LN2


  • Spectrometer
    • Two or more HPGe detectors (scintillation detectors optional)
    • Multichannel analyzers MCA (or one MCA with multiple input channels)
    • Analytical software for quantitative and qualitative analysis
    • Liquid nitrogen monitors (in case detectors are cooled with LN2)
    • Automatic filling station with LN2 (in case detectors are cooled with LN2)
  • Main assembly
    • Steel Fixing platform
    • Detectors holders and positioning mechanisms
    • Ergonomic chair with hydraulic mechanism for changing position of the body
    • Crate for electronics
  • Related cables and connectors


Whole body counter developed by Baltic Scientific Instruments is intended for location and analysis of radionuclides in human body. The system is flexible to perform analysis of nearly any part of the body like joints, lungs, thyroid, etc. Having two HPGe detectors, the system provides outstanding measurement result in terms of accuracy and measurement speed. Depending of HPGe detector type (GCD or GCDX) it is possible to cover wide energy range, which means the list of radionuclides is so big that nothing will remain without attention of the specialist.

In some cases, longer acquisition is required, therefore, the examined person has comfortable ergonomic chair to be fixed for long measurement and still feel comfortable. Hydraulic mechanism of the chair together with adjustable positioning mechanisms of detectors allow to pick up almost any point of the body for measurement, keeping the examined person relaxed.

From the point of view of the specialist (operator), the software interface remains simple and intuitive allowing to control both HPGe detectors simultaneously summing the measurement result or operating each HPGe detector separately.

After measurement is finished, the operator will be able to see use electronic version of the report or print it out with one click. Content of the report is possible to adjust according to specific needs by editing the report template.


Relative efficiency for energy 1.33 MeV to NaI(Tl) 3x3 “, %> 45
Energy resolution, keV, for energies
- 5.9 keV
- 14.4 keV
- 122 keV
- 1332 keV

< 500
< 650
< 700
< 1900
Peak to Compton ratio
Maximal count rate for energy 1332 keV, pulses/sec> 50 000
Dewar vessel volume, l5
Period between liquid nitrogen refilling, days, no less than5
Conversion factor, mV/MeV> 230
Integral non-linearity of conversion function, %< 0,04
Decay time constant of voltage pulse of output signal, us> 50
Rise time of voltage pulse of output signal, us< 0,15
Output resistance of PA, Ohm50 +/- 5
Optimal power supply of detector, plus, V< +3000


Ambient temperature20 ± 5 0 C
Relative humidity45-75%
Atmospheric pressurefrom 86 to 106.7 kPa
Voltage supply bias from the nominal±2%
AC frequency bias≤ 1% for 50Hz
Maximum allowed factor for high harmonic5%


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