State of Health Preamplifier (SHP) for HPGe detectors


SHP module provides information for basic users:
  • Preamplifier serial number
  • Detector serial number
  • Detector type
  • Cryostat model
  • Recommended HV value
  • HV polarity
  • Output signal polarity
  • Shaping time recommended value
  • Flat top time recommended value
  • ADC parameters
  • Recommended cooling time
  SHP module provides information for advanced users:
  • FET voltage
  • FET current
  • FET drain voltage
  • Preamplifier output voltage
  • Resistive-feedback output voltage of the preamplifier
  • Preamplifier power supply voltage
  • Detector leakage current
  • Test generator frequency
  • Test generator amplitude
  • HPGe crystal temperature
  • SHP module internal temperature
  • SHP module internal humidity
  • SHP module internal atmospheric pressure
  • Other
 SHP module has two operating modes:
  • Constant parameter measurement. In this mode ADC of SHP module is constantly monitoring parameters listed above.
  • Parameter measurement per request. In this mode ADC of SHP module is in standby mode while user is not monitoring parameters listed above.


State of Health Preamplifier (SHP) is a low noise and fast resistive-feedback preliminary amplifier intended for operation within gamma- and X-ray Detection Unit based on HPGe detector.

SHP module allows to perform monitoring of detection unit basic parameters in real-time mode or per request of the operator. Analysis of the performance in the long run allows to predict possible failure of the detector and to perform timely preventive maintenance.

SHP module is specially designed to operate together with BSI HPGe detectors via USB interface. Adjustment of SHP parameters is performed through the software package developed specially for preventive maintenance and service activities.