Hybrid cooling for the HPGe detector Nicole


Nicole hybrid cooling system for the HPGe detector allows you to keep your detector cold without filling with Liquid Nitrogen for months and years.  


One of the biggest advantages of Nicole hybrid cooling system is that it is extremely easy to perform maintenance and service. The user is given USB interface to get access to all parameters of the system. Majority of main parameters are displayed of the LCD display. And I case of maintenance, repair or replacement of the cooler is needed, it takes only 15 minutes to dismantle the cooling unit. It means the user can continue measurements by only using liquid nitrogen. It can be extremely important when routine measurements can’t be terminated.


The NICOLE hybrid cooling system combines liquid nitrogen and electro-mechanical cooling. The merge of this two cooling systems provide detection unit non-stop operation for months without having liquid nitrogen to refill.

The NICOLE hybrid cooling system comprises Stirling-cycle cryocooler, cryocooler controller, Dew-ar vessel, pressure sensor and indicator, liquid nitrogen sensor and level monitor.


Type of Stirling-cycle cryocoolerPulse-tube
Nominal Cooler Input Power< 140 W
Power SupplyAC 220V
Dewar vessel volume28l
Liquid nitrogen holding time when cryocooler is operating (period between refilling)>10 months
Cryocooler MTBF>45000 h
Maximal liquid nitrogen productivity 60 gr/h
Able to accompany vertical dipstick cryostat with diameter1,25"
Loss of nitrogen in case of non-working electrical cooling< 3l/day
DimensionsHeight 650mm
Diameter 440mm
Operating temperature0°-40°C
Humidity20% - 90% without condensation