HPGe Mobile Spectrometer WAM Mobile for Field Application


Registration of gamma and X-Ray spectra for applications including: radiological monitoring of the environment; industrial and agricultural products; nuclear power facilities and equipment; and with the storage and processing of radioactive waste.


  • Optimal sizes and weight for mobile application
  • Detection unit is placed on a manually or electrically driven trolley
  • Trolley is equipped with a lead shield and collimator set
  • Lead shield thickness can be 25mm or 50mm depending on the application
  • Detection unit can be LN2 or electrically cooled
  • Possible to equip with large capacity batteries for autonomous operation in the field even with electrically cooled detection unit
  • Equipped with laser distance meter for more accurate measurement
  • Complete spectrometer can be characterized at factory
  • Simplicity of operation and servicing


  • HPGe detector for gamma spectroscopy 
  • Multichannel analyzer of operating with a laptop PC or tablet PC
  • Software packages for quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Advanced software package for characterization using Monte-Carlo calculations
  • Lead Shielding with collimator set
  • Manual or electrically driven trolley
  • Laser distance meter
  • Cable pack and documentation 


  • Extra Lead shield set 25mm or 50mm thick
  • High capacity battery set for autonomous operation of electrically cooled HPGe detector Monolith
    • Up to 2 hours
    • Up to 4 hours
    • Up to 6 hours
  • Extended advanced software packages for different applications


Top measurement point in horizontal position, mm1250
Bottom measurement point in horizontal position, mm450
Bottom measurement point in vertical position (looking down)), mm95
Maximum speed on flat (for electrically driven trolley))Slow Mode - 1.25km/h
Fast Mode - 4.00km/h
Complete system dimensions (L x W x H), mm1498 x 722 x 1588
Wheelbase, mm945
Ground Clearance, mm100


Registration of Gamma and X-Ray spectra for the radiological control of environmental objects, industrial and agricultural products, objects and plants of nuclear energetics and enterprises dealing with the storage and processing of radioactive wastes.

Advanced software package allows to calibrate the system for complex geometry samples like different size drums, boxes, metal or concrete containers, etc. User has a choice of more than 20 ready geometries or it is possible to create your own. While performing characterization, different collimators can be considered, shielding and orientation of all objects involved. Monte-Carlo calculations are used.




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