Gamma analysis software GammaPRO


The software is intended to
  • Control the spectrometric multichannel analyzer;
  • Analyze the spectra acquired using scintillation and semiconductor gamma and beta detectors;
  • Work with spectra modeled by the Monte Carlo simulation.


  • supported MCA models: Boson, MCA527, Hexagon, Binom, Hybrid,
  • visualization of spectra and spectrum acquisition progress;
  • peak search and fit by Gaussian;
  • identification of radionuclides;
  • Energy, FWHM and peak shape calibration;
  • calculation of efficiency curves and sensitivities;
  • calculation of activity by peak method;
  • true summation correction;
  • сalculation of activity by matrix (ROI) method;
  • calculation of ambient dose;
  • calculation of MDA according ISO 11929;
  • simple and easy to use report editor;
  • library of radionuclides and library editor;
  • mathematical operations (sum, subtraction, normalization etc);
  • batch spectra processing;
  • simple and easy to use report editor;
  • library of radionuclides and library editor;
  • quality assurance control;
  • database MS Access which provides transfer and storage of measurement results in a database;
  • log which provides automatic registration and storage of measurement and quality assurance results;
  • support for the main spectrum formats: SPE, N42, CNF, CHN, SPC, ASW, TXT etc.
  Additional options:
  • Scenario module - The module allows you to automate the process of working with the program by creating custom scripts in the form of a set of commands.
  • FRM module. The module is intended for spectrum analysis acquired on Free Release Monitor:
    • Calculate the specific activity of hard-to-measure nuclides using the nuclide vector method;
    • display in 3D the distribution of activity over the volume of the sample;
    • show on the 3D model of the measured sample the found areas with high radioactivity (the so-called "hot" spots).
  • WBM module – developed for whole body counters:
    • simple control of the WBM;
    • calculation of the activity of nuclides accumulated in various human organs: lungs, thyroid gland, etc.
    • patient card;
    • customized report.
  • TRIOMAP is a module for performing measurements in field and mapping in case field measuring.


GammaPRO provides all the tools necessary for separate peak analysis, namely:

  • energy calibration;
  • direct peak search in spectrum and peak search considering the radionuclides and their peak energies specified in the library;
  • peak and multiplet fit by Gaussian and other functions;
  • automatic identification of peaks;
  • considering count sample density as a calculation parameter;considering background as a calculation parameter;
  • calculation of efficiency curves (efficiency calibration), FWHM calibration, peak shape calibration.

The matrix method enables automatic calculation of activity of a sample provided its radionuclide composition is known. The method is used for routine measurements of food, building materials, water and other substances subject for permanent radiological control.
The superposition method is mainly used for control of correctness of activity calculations in case of hard-to-analyse (multiple peak) low-resolution spectra (acquired by scintillation detectors). Such a tool enables visual estimate of the degree of similarity between an acquired and calculated spectrum. Additionally, calculation data can be adjusted until the spectra completely coincide.
The Software features an integrated system for report generation which provides automatic creation of measurement results. The settings for report generation can be adjusted by user.


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