Gamma Dose Rate Monitor GDRM


GDRM is meant for determining the dose rate that can be generated by accidental releases in NPP. GDRM is designed for indoor area and outdoor monitoring. It can be also used as auxiliary part of the Radiation Monitoring Station. For example, as part of AirTrack-Mobile. 


The equivalent dose rate is measured using a proprietary dead-time independent measurement method. The dose rate values of the two individual channels (Low range and High range) are used to calculate an overall dose rate taking the statistical precision of the measurements into account. The dose rates of the individual channels and the calculated dose rate and their statistical precisions are made available for further editing via dedicated data protocols.


GDMR is a measuring device for determining the dose rate, from background levels to large fields that can be generated by accidental releases in nuclear plant or facilities and is specifically designed for indoor area and process monitoring as well as for outdoor environmental monitoring.

The technical solutions characterizing the GDRM permit very low power consumption, compact dimensions and lightweight. Easy operation and very limited need of operator’s interventions are among the advanced characteristics as well as measurement’s precision and reliability thanks to proprietary algorithms and automatic control of significant parameters, including self-adjusting of response time in relation to dose rate changes.

GDRM is energy-compensated in accordance with IEC 60846-1, which makes it suitable for measuring ambient dose equivalent rate  H * (10).


Parameter Value
Radiation TypeX and Gamma - from 24.6 keV to 10MeV
Measured quantitiesAmbient dose equivalent rate H*(10), Ambient dose equivalent H*(10). Not for pulsed radiation fields
Measuring range, dose rate0.05 mkSv/h ÷ 5 Sv/h (up to 100 Sv/h)
Measurement principleDead time independent
Integration time10 s … 6.55 · 105 s (configurable)
Overexposure50 Sv/h over 5 min without decrease in counting rate
Response time ≤ 8 s (1 μSv/h … 10 mSv/h, peak finder activated)
≤ 2 s (10 mSv/h … 5 Sv/h, peak finder activated)
Data interfacesRS 485, RS 232, option USB
Operating temperature−30 °C to +60 °C
Power supply10 ÷ 30 VDC, 1.5W
ProtectionIP67 (including connector and filling valve)
EnclosureØ 100 x 400 mm
Weight1.5 kg


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