AirTrack-Mobile Alpha/Beta Monitor


Discover unparalleled efficiency with AirTrack-Mobile, a compact aerosol monitor featuring advanced design solutions for automatic alpha/beta spectrometric measurements. Its Silicon Ion Implanted Detector ensures precision with a 600 mm2 area, fortified by a metalized coating for robust protection. Algorithmic compensation tackles high background conditions, while an auxiliary SIID minimizes gamma influence. The modular design guarantees swift troubleshooting, upgrades, and future equipment integration, enhancing operational ease and comfort. Unleash cutting-edge technology for seamless aerosol monitoring on the go.


  • real-time alpha and beta spectrum acquisition and readout;
  • evaluation of alpha and beta artificial concentrations in air [Bq/m3];
  • evaluation of total collected activities on the filter [Bq];
  • radon progeny and gamma background measurements and compensation;
  • flow-rate measurement of the incoming air;
  • inlet air temperature measurement;
  • automatic filter replacement depending on its contamination degree, integrity damage, or after the expiration of the specified measurement time;
  • automatic control of filter condition, including measurement of differences in the air pressure Δp at the inlet and outlet of the filter;
  • two programmable thresholds (notification and alarm) for radiological events;
  • visual and audible alert/alarms indicators with programmable thresholds;
  • measurement results storage on internal SSD;
  • data transfer via LAN, USB and 4G interfaces in the ANSI 42.42/EURDEP format to the end-user;
  • built-In Test procedures with alarm signal and messages in case of equipment failure;
  • detector efficiency calibration with reference sources in filter geometry.
  • PM10 sampling head in the upper part of the air intake to collect ≤ 10 µm particles (optionally);
  • Gamma Dose Rate Monitor (optionally);
  • Battery set for 30 min autonomous operation (optionally);
  • touch screen user interface, easy to learn and intuitive operation;
  • update period of the radionuclides concentration is 1 minute;
  • full load of filter tape provides up to three months of autonomous operation;
  • automatic control of the operations, emergency messages about equipment faults in case of operation failure and built-in testing procedures;
  • control of all AirTrack-Mobile operations from a remote computer


Optional delivery et can include the following: 
  • Battery set for 30 min operational after power off;
  • External alarm unit: visual and audible, cable up to 50 m;
  • Sampling head PM10 for outdoor air sampling;
  • Gamma Dose Rate Monitor with parameters:
    • Energy range: from 24.6 keV to 10MeV
    • Dose rate range: from 0.1 µSv/h to 5 Sv/h
    • Enclosure: Ø 100 x 400 mm
    • Weight: 1.5 kg
    • Class: IP67


AirTrack-Mobile is a compact version of aerosol monitors in terms of advanced design solutions for automatic alpha/beta spectrometric measurements.

A special version of the Silicon Ion Implanted Detector with area 600 mm2 is used for alpha and beta spectrometry. The metalized coating of entrance window with thickness of less than 2 mm provides mechanical and chemical protection of the detector. Measurements can be carried out in high background conditions – compensation of radon, thoron and their progenies is performed algorithmically by spectrometric measurements. To reduce the influence of gamma background an auxiliary SIID is used to measure beta equivalent pulses and subtract them from the total beta counts.

A modular approach to the design of AirTrack-Mobile hardware and software enables fast troubleshooting of system issues. Moreover, modular designs allow easiness of upgrades and/or integration of future equipment. In general, the system and its components are ergonomically designed to ensure ease and comfort of operation.


Detector Unit
Detectors1) Silicon Ion Implanted Detector 600 mm2
2) Additional SIID for gamma background compensation
Detection efficiency241Am-241 not less than 0.15
90Sr/90Y not less than 0.2
Alpha energy range2 MeV to 10 MeV
Beta energy range80 keV to 3 MeV
Alpha measuring rangefrom 10^-2 to 105 Bq/m3
Beta measuring rangefrom 10^-1 to 105 Bq/m3
Radon and Thoron measuring rangefrom 10^-1 to 105 Bq/m3 with automatic Radon progenies compensation
MCA1024 channels
Internal Data Storageup to 240 GB SSD
DisplayLCD Touch Panels 5.7 (optional 6.5)
Data transmission interfacesUSB, LAN, RS-485
Air flow-rateup to 6 m3/h (100 l/min)
Differential pressureup to 200 mbar through the filter
Air inlet temperaturefrom -40 to +70 °C
Pump unit
Nominal flow rate3 m3/h (50 l/min), adjustable manually
Noise level (ISO 2151)not more than 59 dB(A)
Filter unit
TypeFilter tape
MaterialPTFE, (Glass Fiber, Cellulose - optionally)
Tape Cassette15 meters lengths, 50 or 60mm wide, 90 days autonomy
Automatic changeWhen total activities or pressure drop thresholds are exceeded
Alarm Unit
LampsRed, Green LED with flash frequency 1 Hz
Siren2 tone 85dB
Protection categoryIP66
Check sources
Am-241 & Sr-90Type EM X, activity from 2000 to 5000 Bq/h with certificate
Operational characteristics
Voltage and frequency230 ± 20 V AC 50 Hz, 800 W max
Temperaturefrom 0 °C to +40 °C, 85 % RH non-condensing
Dimensions800 × 780 × 1575 mm
Weightno more than 60 kg
ProtectionIP 54


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