Temporal δ Compton Camera


Temporal δ Compton Camera can be used for many applications, such as: 
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Nuclear waste management and characterization
  • Decommissioning of a nuclear facilities
  • Gamma imagining
  • Safety and security 


Temporal δ Compton is composed of a portable unit including a processing unit and one detector unit.
  • Temporal imaging read-out electronics.
  • 1 calibrated detector module composed of two 32x32 mm CeBr3 crystals read-out through Phillips DPC3200 Tile Sensor.
  • Embedded software to reconstruct characteristic vector (X,Y,Z,T,E) in real time for each valid scintillation event.
  • Image reconstruction from acquired vectors is done at distance on a laptop.
  • Energy Range 100 keV—3 MeV (Spectroscopy) and 400keV-3MeV (imagery).
  • The sensitivity of the system is better than 1 nSv/h in a 60 s acquisition with a Na-22 source.
  • Available in two versions:
    • Temporal δ V2 - based on CeBr3 
    • Temporal δ V3 - based on CZT with outstanding energy resolution 


Temporal δ is the first device to use this new concept. We are now proposing a portable version with one CeBr3 head, gamma ray and visible imaging and active temperature control. This version is dedicated to energies 300KeV - 2 MeV. This camera has the best angular resolution (6°) and timing resolution (300ps) on the market. It is also extremely sensitive allowing to image natural radioelements (4 kBq at 1 meter ̴ 4 hours) and good imaging of extended sources.

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Field of view78x104° degrees flat field
Sensitivity0.03μR/h in 1 hour
1kBq @1m in 2 hours
3μR/h < 1min
Timing Resolution300 ps @ 511 keV
Energy Range100 keV—3 MeV ( Spectroscopy)
400keV-3MeV (imagery)
Angular Resolution<10 degrees (full spectrum)
<6 degrees (energy gated)
Model V2
Model V3

Spectral Resolution
Model V2
Model V3

<7% @ 662 keV
<1.5% @ 662 keV
Battery Life4 hours with 1.2kg external batteries
Count Rate Limit1 mSv/h
Dimension 21x29x16 cm
Power Source110-220V (mains)
Operating Temperature-20°C to +50°C
CommunicationEthernet to laptop, Wifi