Whole Body Counter Bed-type


Compact and easy to operate, The Whole Body Counter offers a low cost means of ensuring safety for personnel at nuclear facilities, laboratories, or hospitals. The Whole Body Counter measures the total body burden of gamma emitters and also approximates where the emitters are deposited within the body. The Whole Body Counter employs a scanning geometry, long recognized as the geometry which produces the lowest errors due to non-uniform source distribution. Its positional response is far superior to any chair or organ counter. Analytical software provides qualitative and quantitative analysis of radioactive depositions. Our graphical representation of the data allows a technician to determine the quality of the evaluation.Software for The Whole Body Counter is user-friendly with a menu format which provides a variety of standard and optional operating programs. System performance software includes a Quality Assurance program which checks the electronics of the Nal(TI) counter, reporting any errors to the operator. An Energy Calibration program allows the gain of the detector-amplifer system to be adjusted to uniformity and conformity to the design parameters.The equipment is designed to provide the customer with a high quality, quantitative, low-maintenance whole body counter 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


  • Based on Classic Shield, compact, fts in small rooms
  • Quantitative and Qualitative analysis
  • “Profle” data provides approximate location of gamma emitters
  • Background monitored continuously except during count
  • Computer adjustable scanning speeds
  • May be used optionally with Magnetic Cards or Bar Codes, etc.
The Bed-type Whole Body Couter can be equipped with different detector and its combinations. For example:
  • One NaI(Tl), 20x10 cm
  • One HPGe detector with LN2 or Electrical cooling, One NaI(Tl), 3”x3”
  • Two HPGe detectors with LN2 or Electrical cooling, One NaI(Tl), 3”x3”
  • Or any other combination


The Bed-type Whole Body Counter allows a variety of analyses to be performed including counts for mixed fission products, Thorium, Radium-226, as well as routine energy calibrations. The Bed-type Whole Body Counter system features a continuous background monitoring capability which reduces counting time and increase accuracy. Electronic components are chosen for long term unattended operation and stability. The system is interfaced to a microcomputer which serves as a multichannel pulse height analyzer, a multiscaling analyzer, and a data processing unit, as well as a general-purpose scientific computer. Various configurations are available, depending upon customer needs.

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Physical Specifications:
Weight (approx.):

110 cm
110 cm
260 cm
3900 kg
Shielding (LEAD) 10-cm around the detectors
5-cm bed sides and bottom
Power requirements: 105-125 volts AC: 60 Hz, 10 Amp
200-250 volts AC: 50 Hz, 5 Amp
Environmental requirements: Temperature max: 16 – 40ºC
Humidity: 30%-80% non condensing
Lead Shielding 10-cm around the detector(s) (adjustable)
5-cm bed sides and bottom (adjustable)
SoftwareData Acquisition, continuous spectral display
Data Analysis with graphs of original data and residuals
Calibrations: Energy vs. Channel and Effciency
Parameter Modifcation for complete control: acquisition, analysis & miscellaneous parameters
File Maintenance
Miscellaneous Utility Programs