Gamma–, beta- and alpha- spectrometer–radiometer TRIO


Spectrometer TRIO is designed for registration of gamma-, beta- and alpha radiation and for measuring activity (specific and  volumetric activity) of natural radionuclides (for example Ra-226, Th-232, K-40, Rn-222), technogenic radionuclides (for example Cs-137, Cs-134, Co-60, mTc-99, Sr-90 and etc.) in water, food, vegetation, building materials, soil samples, radiopharmaceuticals, rocks, chemical industry materials, alloys, scrap metal and other technological products. Also, it is used for measuring gross specific activity of beta- and alpha- emitting radionuclides in water.


  • Ability to manage several channels simultaneously
  • Intuitive and user-friendly software
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Compact size of each chamber
  • Free to choose channels of your interest depending on application
  • Easy extension of channel quantity
  • 100% remote control of the spectrometer TRIO via software package


  • Detection unit
  • Lead shielding with stable platform
  • Multichannel analyzer
  • Analytical software package
  • Cable set
  • Documentation set
  • Table is not included :)


The detection unit is installed in compact lead shielding on the stable platform. Lead shield is used to protect measuring sample from interactions with other samples, laboratory or natural background, which is very essential in case of acquiring spectrum of a sample with low activity.

The most suitable detection unit is used depending on application of the TRIO.

  • For Gamma channel there is list of available detector materials available: NaI(Tl), CeBr3, LaBr3 of different sizes and shapes, including well-type.
  • For Beta channel there are several size of plastic scintillators (polysterene) available.
  • For Alpha channel there are spectrometric Si-detectors and radiometric ZnS(Ag) detectors.

Every channel is equipped with specially designed shielding. Refer to the gallery to get introduced.

It is possible to change combinations of channels depending on the application in each particular case. For example, Gamma-Gamma-Alpha, Alpha-Gamma, Beta-Beta-Beta, etc. Same as extension of channels is possible in case application changes in time.


Energy range, keV
- for gamma radiation
- for beta radiation
- for alpha radiation

Relative energy resolution on the line 661,7 keV, measuring with radionuclide source Cs-137, %From 3 to 12 depending on detector type
Maximum throughput, cps> 5∙104
Integral nonlinearity in the gamma energy range from 40 to 3000 keV, %1
Integral nonlinearity in the beta energy range from 65 to 4000 keV, %2
Instability of spectrometer indications (energy conversion characteristic) for 24 hours of a continuous operation, %±1
Operation conditions:
- ambient air temperature, 0С

from +10 to +40
- relative air humidity, % up to 80
- atmospheric pressure in the range of, kPa from 84 to 106,7
- intensity of magnetic fields of the permanent and variable grid frequencies, А/mup to 40


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