Problems of Applied Spectrometry and Radiometry 2019

The meeting will be held from 7 to 11 October, 2019 in Kazan in Grand Hotel Kazan. The International Meeting "Problems of Applied Spectrometry and Radiometry" (PPSR) is organized and made by a group of the most famous enterprises in Russia and abroad in the sphere of registration and measurement of ionizing radiation. The meeting has been held regularly since 1996. The meeting has no permanent registration place. It was held in Mendeleevo, Dubna, Zarechny, Odessa, Riga, Tuapse, St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities. In recent years, it has become a tradition to hold a meeting once every two years.

The main objective of the Meeting is the exchange of scientific and practical experience of specialists working in the nuclear and related industries.



  • development and use of equipment, software, methodological and metrological support of measurements of ionizing radiation;
  • standardization of radiation protection devices;
  • accounting and control of nuclear materials;
  • methods for characterization of radioactive waste of different morphology with the purpose of categorization during decommissioning of NRH;
  • control of technological processes at NPPs and enterprises of the State Corporation ROSATOM;
  • radiation monitoring and environmental protection;
  • research using nuclear physics methods;
  • legal aspects of radiation safety;
  • and many other important issues.



  • The cost of participation of one specialist in the Meeting (registration fee *) - 24,000 rubles. (VAT is not applicable).

* The cost of registration fee includes:participation in all meetings, coffee breaks, lunches, gala dinner, publication of abstracts, etc. With the participation of 3 or more representatives of the same organization - 10% discount. 

In case of booking a room through GK MEDTEKHATOM the cost of living per day with breakfast:

  • in a single room - 4800 rubles per person;
  • in 2-bed - 2800 rubles per person. (NDS is not appearing).Arrival at the hotel - from 14.00 7.10.2019, departure - until 12.00. 11.10.2019. Early check-in is possible subject to additional payment. You can book a room at other nearby hotels.


Заявка на участие ППСР-2019.pdf
(PDF, 165 КБ)
Заявка на участие ППСР-2019.docx



  • September 1 - the end of abstracts acception;
  • October 7, from 10.00 - registration of the Meeting participants;
  • October 7, 1 pm - opening and beginning of the Meeting;
  • October 10, 6 pm - Closing of the Meeting.


  • plenary reports;
  • oral and poster presentations;
  • an exhibition of measuring instruments, software and methodical products;
  • round tables

 At the gala dinner, authors of the best reports will be awarded, commemorative awards will be presented to the participants of the meeting and a lottery with a prize drawing, traditional for the Meeting, will be held.

Information on the submitted reports will be posted on the website of the Organizers: LLC LSRM and GK MEDTEKHATOM.Requirements for theses of the report: Word format, Times New Roman font, font size 14, line spacing - 1.15, not more than 2 A4 pages.  Alongside with the meeting will be held advanced training courses for specialists testing laboratories.Refresher courses will be held from 7 to 11 October 2019 in Kazan in the Grand Hotel Kazan.Participants in advanced training courses have the right to attend all meetings of the Meeting.


  • review of regulatory documents in the field of radiation monitoring and radiation safety;
  • review of methods and equipment for radiation monitoring;
  • metrological support of radiation measurements;
  • measurement practice: dosimetry, radiometry and spectrometry;
  • radiation monitoring in medical organizations;
  • radiation monitoring at oil and gas enterprises

 - the training program will be formed in accordance with the profile of the activities of course participants.Following the results of training, students will receive a certificate of advanced training of the established sample.


  • The cost of training a specialist - 26,000 rubles. (VAT is not applicable). * The cost of training includes:
  • attendance at meetings of the PPSR meeting, coffee breaks, lunches and gala dinners;
  • educational materials. 

With the participation of 3 or more representatives of the same  organization - 10% discount. 

If a room is booked via GK MEDTEKHATOM the cost of living per day with breakfast:

  • in a single room - 4800 rubles per person;
  • in 2-bed - 2800 rubles per person (VAT is not applicable).   

Arrival at the hotel - from 14.00 on October 6, 2019, departure - until 12.00. 12.10.2019. Early check-in is possible at the additional payment. You can book a room also at other nearby hotels.