Waste Assay Monitor HERCULES

The WAM measuring facility is intended for the measurement and the determination of activities, activity concentrations, total activities and total activity concentrations

Multi Channel Analyzer BOSON

Amplification, optimal filtering, analog-digital conversion of signal from semiconductor detectors of ionizing radiation, the accumulation of spectra and transfer to a PC.

MONOLITH Gamma & X-ray HPGe Spectrometer

Detection unit Monolith consist from the following integrated components:

  • HPGe detector
  • Preamplifier
  • High voltage unit
  • Autonomous cooling system for the detector based ...

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Now you have possibility to get your HPGe detector with electrical cooling based on Stirling type cooler. We call it MONOLITH.

We would like to inform you that we have finished development of a new MCA named BOSON.

Saskaņā ar 2014. gada 10. jūnijā starp SIA “Baltic Scientific Instruments” un v/a „Latvijas Investīciju un Attīstības Aģentūra” noslēgto līgumu Nr.L-ĀTA-14-2177 par projekta....

We have developed, tested and start to offer to valuable customers an integrated All-In-One Gamma Spectrometer based on HPGe detector.



Baltic Scientific Instruments (BSI) was established in 1994 on the basis of Riga Research and Development Institute for Radio-Isotope Apparatus (RNIIRP, est.1966), which belonged to Ministry for Atomic Energy.

The company Baltic Scientific Instruments specializes in the development and fabrication of the spectrometric devices based on semiconductor and scintillation detectors. Our products are applied in nuclear energetic and ecology, geology and mineral resource industry, medicine and research activities, customs control and other spheres.