Gamma analysis software GammaPRO

Advanced software package for quantitative and qualitative analysis

Whole body counter WBC

Whole body counter is intended for location and analysis of radionuclides in human body.

Multi Channel Analyzer BOSON

Amplification, optimal filtering, analog-digital conversion of signal from semiconductor detectors of ionizing radiation, the accumulation of spectra and transfer to a PC.

MONOLITH Gamma & X-ray HPGe Spectrometer

Detection unit Monolith consist from the following integrated components:

  • HPGe detector
  • Preamplifier
  • Autonomous cooling system for the detector based on electrical machinery ...

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We are happy to introduce a new version of Whole Body Counter based on HPGe detectors 


Important Information

We would like to inform you that Baltic Scientific Instruments has no relationship with a company called NATS Incorporated located 511 Centerpoint Drive, Middletown, CT 06457, USA. Even though you can find photos of BSI equipment of their web page, they are not authorized to provide any information on our behalf. Same as they are not selling BSI production.

In case you are interested in BSI production or you have questions, please keep in touch with us or our partners.

BSI is at Europe’s Largest Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management Conference

After recent presentation of GammaPRO, Baltic Scientific Instruments is glad to announce about availability of a new software package AlphaPRO meant for alpha analysis.

Baltic Scientific Instruments is happy to introduce a newly BSI developed softeware for quantitative and qualitative gamma analysis. GammaPRO software package is applicable for operation with scintillation detectors, HPGe, detectors, CZT, etc. And, sure, is supports all BSI produced nuclear electronics.

You are welcome to study our new model range of HPGe detectors with extended energy range and over-square shape Germanium crystals. Detectors provide ability to reach lower limit of energy range by having thin contact and different types of input windows like Beryllium or Carbon Fiber. Another notable advantage is improved resolution in lower part of energy range. For example, from 100 keV to 700 keV. More information is available by following the link HPGe detectors with extended energy range GCDX.

Check out our latest version of Waste Assay Monitor HERCULES.

Saskaņā ar 2014. gada 10. jūnijā starp SIA “Baltic Scientific Instruments” un v/a „Latvijas Investīciju un Attīstības Aģentūra” noslēgto līgumu Nr.L-ĀTA-14-2177 par projekta....



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Baltic Scientific Instruments (BSI) was established in 1994 on the basis of Riga Research and Development Institute for Radio-Isotope Apparatus (RNIIRP, est.1966), which belonged to Ministry for Atomic Energy.

The company Baltic Scientific Instruments specializes in the development and fabrication of the spectrometric devices based on semiconductor and scintillation detectors. Our products are applied in nuclear energetic and ecology, geology and mineral resource industry, medicine and research activities, customs control and other spheres.