GCDX-OS Over-Square shape HPGe Detectors with extended energy range


Advanced way of Gamma-ray detection and analysis in the following spheres:
  • Nuclear energetics
  • Environmental control
  • Industry and scientific research
  • Medicine
  • Other applications.


  • 10% - 60% and higher relative efficiency HPGe detectors are available
  • Energy range starting with 3 keV (depending on input window)
  • Input window materials: Aluminum, Beryllium or Carbon-fiber
  • Built-in or Remote Preamplifier types are available depending on application
  • Low instrument background
  • High energy rate up to 200000 MeV/s
  • Excellent peak symmetry & high resolution
  • HV supply protection if detector is warm
  • High count rate indicator
  • Variable cryostat design modifications


  • HPGe coaxial detector
  • Preamplifier with cooled input stage
  • Dewar vessel
  • Cable set
  • Documentation


  • Multichannel Analyzer
  • Analytical Software packages:
    • quantitative and qualitative analysis
    • γ-spectra modeling & efficiency registration calculation for complex geometry objects
    • extended radionuclide library
  • Liquid nitrogen storage and filling system
  • Liquid nitrogen sensor and monitor
  • Cable set extension


  • HPGe detectors with extended energy range GCDX-OS are different from GCDX by its shape. It is still allowing to go lower in energy range down to 3 keV and thin contact structure of the HPGe detector guarantee low energy photon transition to the HPGe crystal and its registration.
  • Input window made of Beryllium or Carbon fiber of the detector is integrated into the end cap of the detector by using high-tech vacuum-tight materials.
  • GCDX-OS HPGe detectors are showing way better performance, such as resolution improvement, if you consider energy range from 100 keV to 662 keV. This is vitally important for those applications where radionuclides with lower energies are required to measure and analyze.
  • Over-square shape HPGe crystals of the GCDX-OS detectors provide better efficiency while measuring relatively compact samples like bottles, vials, petri dishes, etc.
  • Increase of efficiency is observed due to the fact that HPGe crystal is having similar volume to GCD and GCDX detector but larger diameter in relationship to its height. Therefore, relative intensity and efficiency are higher in energy range 1.5-2 MeV.


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