LN2 storage and transfer system


The system for storage and transportation of liquid nitrogen in the following areas of application: Industrial, laboratories, life sciences, medical, etc.


  • Direct liquid nitrogen supply with the decanting valve
  • The LN2 System can fit easily under a laboratory bench or workstation
  • A hand rail can be easily attached to protect the operating head and make it easier to move the vessel
  • Easy to dispense liquid nitrogen
  • Double valve option for liquid use


  • Dewar vessel (35l, 60l or 100l)
  • Pressure gauge
  • Pressurizing valve
  • Float-type level indicator
  • Manometer
  • 2 safety valves for 0.5 bar
  • Dispensing / liquid use valve
  • Venting valve
* Operating head is removable


  • Roller base (height: 200 mm)
  • Non magnetic roller base (height: 205 mm)
  • Fixation kit for the roller base (3 parts)
  • Hand rail
  • Double dispensing valve
  • Dispensing system with anti-splash nozzle
  • Flexible transfer hose with cane
  • Transfer cane with anti-splash nozzle


  • Capacity of 35 to 100 litres
  • Self-pressurized vessel
  • Delivered with or without the operating head
  • Static holding time up to 75 days
  • 6 year guarantee on the vacuum