Au-Isomer Industrial Gold ore assay system


The «Au-Isomer» gamma-activation ore assay system is intended for high performance industrial use to provide highly accurate, rapid, repeatable, and non-destructive determination of the quantity of gold and associated elements in ore samples. Concentrations of gold and associated elements in ores are determined by using gamma rays to activate nuclei of gold and/or associated elements at a specified dispersion of electrons and registering the gamma quanta of activated nuclei radiation. Software analysis of the registered gamma radiation spectra enables the quantitative analysis of the quantity of gold and/or other elements present in ore samples.


  • Gamma-activation analysis (GAA) provides measurement of gold concentration in ore with the accuracy over +/-30%;
  • GAA is not a destructive method (an ore sample is not destroyed and can be measured multiple times);
  • The sizes of sample particles should be less than 3.0 mm (does not require abrasion);
  • The weights of samples ~ 500 g;
  • Sensitivity - 0,1 g/t;
  • Throughput for samples with gold concentration more than 0,5 g/t – at least of 60 samples/hour.
The device has been installed at the premises with radiation shielding of the CORAD Ltd. company. The prototype applies less powerful linear accelerator of 8 MeV and only one HPGe detector. Also there is no sample automatic transportation system. Therefore, the analysis period for one sample is~10 minutes. However, the prototype has a good accuracy of measurement of gold concentration in standard samples and allows GAA technology clear demonstration. The device provides determination and measurement of many other elements except gold as follows: Ag, Se, Br, Y, Cd, W, Hf and other.


The «Au-Isomer» ore assay system is sold as a package that includes hardware, software, full set of user documentation, commissioning, technical support and maintenance for a defined period. The basic components of the system are:
  • Linear electron accelerator;
  • Spectrometric registration system for gamma radiation based on multi-crystals HPGe detectors;
  • Control for the system operation;
  • Information processing system, including software set for automated definition of quantitative composition of the analyzed elements in identified ore samples stored in a database by sample number for subsequent software analysis;
  • Ore sample transportation system;
  • Radiation protective unit (build by the customer himself).


The «Au-Isomer» gamma-activation ore assay system is intended for high performance industrial use to provide highly accurate, rapid, repeatable, and non-destructive determination of the quantity of gold and associated elements in ore samples.

Electron linear accelerator has the following original technical specifications:

  • high efficiency semiconductor pulse modulator for klystron and electron source,
  • constant control for electrons energy and beam current.

The is made on the basis of 8 MeV, 10 kW linear accelerator. Spectrometric system for registration of the induced gamma radiation based on multi-crystal HPGe detectors.

The automated control system for the «Au-Isomer» industrial ore assay system enables control over the functioning of the basic components and coordination of timing of their operation.

The information processing system provides information reading from gamma-radiation spectrometers, the calculation of the quantities of gold and associated elements in the sample in accordance with defined algorithms, information transfer for display to the user, and the saving of information for each identified sample by sample number in the database for subsequent retrieval and analysis.

The sample transportation system enables identification and registration of samples, weighs each sample, and moves identified samples from one control point to another (weighing point, sample activation point, measurement point, and the storage point for measured samples) in the successive frames of the ore assay system.


Low definition limit (for gold), g/t~ 0.07 – 0.15
Choices of elements available to the customer for assayAu, Ag, As, Ba, Br, Cd, Er, Ge, Hf, Hg, In, Ir, Lu, Pb, Pt, Rh, Se, Sn, Th, U, Y, W
Sample weight, gram500 - 1000
Excitation sourceLinear electron accelerator
Assay system productivity for gold analysis (number of analyses per hour) 120
Electron energy range, MeV7 - 9
Maximum ray power, kW10
Maximum consumed electric supply power, kW80
Maximum adjusting electric supply power, kVA130
Outer water cooling contour should disperse the power of 60 kW and provide:

- the cooling water temperature not over 25ОC;
- cooling water flow for 25ОC – 80 l/min.
Accelerator is supplied by 3-phase circuit 380/220 V, 50 Hz with grounded neutral and stability ± 5%.